More space for communication


To enable this feature all what you need to do is enable it in config.ymland install DiscordSRV:
enable: true
Notice Please, make sure you have the latest version of DiscordSRV (>=1.23.0)

How does it work?

At the beginning of the launch of your server, SimpleClans will create categories for the number of your clans, inside the categories, there will be a separate text channel for each clan:
Notice Take attention that you will have a different structure: clan1, clan2, clan3 and clan4 will be placed in one category, until it's reached the limit, then creates a new category.
This will allow players to communicate in channels specially created for them.
Discord channel will be created/deleted/modified when:
    Clan player creates/deletes a clan
    Clan player is joining/resigning from his clan
    Clan player got a promotion or a demotion
    Player just linked to discord
Note 1 Only linked players have an access to their clans in discord, but the messages from un-linked will sent too.
Note 2 If you're the server owner and you can't write a message to another chats, ask yourself: is SimpleClans allow to you to send the message to other clan chats? You could use /clan mod place <necessary clan> to join and send the message to that chat.

Speaking about Discord's limits...

Only 50 channels at category as maximum
So when the category will be filled with 50 channels, SimpleClans will create a new category and place a new channel there.
Maximum 500 channels at discord server
That is why, if you have more than 500 clans, then SimpleClans won't catch all of them. You could use discordchat.text.clans-limit at configuration.


Config value
Enables the DiscordSRV integration
The message format from minecraft to discord
The message format from discord to minecraft
The message format from discord to server admins (simpleclans.admin.all-seeing-eye)
The rank format
The name of category ("SC – TextChannel")
The ids of SC categories. You may add your own category here if you want to
This will allow only specified clans be created
Limit of discord channels. Maximum is 500.

Options that will not work

Some of DiscordSRV configurations won't work on SC channels. There is the small list:
    DiscordChatChannelDiscordToMinecraft – Do you really need to disable it in DiscordSRV's config, when you may disable it in SC config?
    DiscordChatChannelRequireLinkedAccount Our implementation requires only linked players.
    DiscordChatChannelBlockBots – We're all robots, now you know the truth
    DiscordChatChannelBlockedIds – Where is an option to block my IP?
    DiscordChatChannelBroadcastDiscordMessagesToConsole – You have spy chat for admins for that.
    DiscordChatChannelTruncateLength – Does anyone know what truncate is?
    DiscordChatChannelRolesAllowedToUseColorCodesInChat – No.
At least, DiscordChatChannelEmojiBehavior will work.
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