Available placeholders


Top Clans Placeholders

The top clans is a group of placeholders that helps you create leaderboards. You can put _topclans_#_ in any existing clan placeholder to get the value for the clan in a specific rank position. Ex.: %simpleclans_topclans_1_clan_name% - this will return the name of the Clan in the first position.

Top Players Placeholders

This one is another group of placeholders to create leaderboards. As the name suggests, it's about players and not clans, but they work similarly. Adding _topplayers_#_ to existing player placeholders will get the value for the Player in the specified rank. Ex.: %simpleclans_topplayers_2_tag_label% - this will return the tag label for the Player in the second position.

Relational placeholders

Relational placeholders return values based on the relation between 2 players. One example is the tab, there is the player viewing it and the players listed there Currently the only relational placeholder available on SimpleClans is: %rel_simpleclans_color% This returns a color based on rivalries/alliances. Allies: aqua Rivals: red Same clan: green
The colors above can be changed in PlaceholderAPI's config.


If you intend to use these placeholders with HolographicDisplays, remember to download the extension.
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