Clan Below Player's Name

Plugins needed

  • TAB (you can use a different tablist plugin, as long as it supports PlaceholderAPI)

Step by step

1. Open TAB's config and edit the Groups section adding %simpleclans_clan_color_tag% to belowname:

tabprefix: "%vault-prefix% "
tagprefix: "%vault-prefix% "
tabsuffix: "%afk%"
tagsuffix: "%afk%"
customtabname: "%essentialsnick%"
customtagname: "%essentialsnick%"
belowname: "&l&b[ %simpleclans_clan_color_tag% &l&b]"

2. Find the option belowname or classic-vanilla-belowname and disable it.

3. Find the option unlimited-nametag-prefix-suffix-mode and enable it.

4. Restart (or reload) and enjoy!