Editing the plugin's messages


Step by step

  1. Right click the plugin jar, click on "Open as" and choose the ZIP program;

  2. Copy the messages file corresponding to your language to the plugin's folder;

    1. If there isn't one for your language, copy "" instead and rename it with your language code appended. For example, if your language is Russian:

  3. Edit the messages and save;

  4. Change language in config.yml to your language code;

  5. Reload the plugin using /clan reload.

A little trick

If you like the current translation, but want to change only a few lines: 1. Copy the file to the plugin's folder; 2. Delete all messages except the ones you would like to edit; 3. Edit them and save.

Note: Please note that your custom does not automatically update when new messages are added.

Share your translations!

SimpleClans has a project on Crowdin. There you can translate the messages and suggest corrections!

Note: if you have an old language.yml file for SimpleClans that you translated to your language, open an issue here, I will convert the file and add it to the plugin.